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Saturday, December 06, 2008


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Many people where we live have outdoor lights on their homes...so a slow drive by looking at the "sparklies" and hubby humming as the kids go "ooo" or " ahh" always works to help me get my gifts wrapped and on the way to out of state loved ones.


I like to buy ribbon candy to have on our Christmas table. We always had it when I was little.

Natima Palaskas

Christmas in Summer in Australia is different. I have been living here this time for 6 years now and Christmas for me is hanging my Santa quilt and all the Santa figurines that seemed to be multiply themselves each year! The rest of the decorations would follow. Once I see all my quilts I then start to gather the presents to post overseas. I always start new Chirstmas project at this time. This year I am making small 3 1/2" heart blocks and hope that one day I will have enough blocks to make a quilt and hang it at Christmas. Thanks Pat for the oppunity for me to share my Christmas Rumble with you. Merry Christmas everyone.


Memories of wonderful family Christmas' past and making new memories. My Dad always loved Christmas & since he passed away at a young age in 2005, it's hard at Christmas time & on top of that we just had to move my Mom into an Alzheimers Unit at a local nursing home (she's only 71) it's very hard. BUT, I have a 5 year old granddaughter who I have to make Christmas memories with & my parents & grandparents would want that. I've been spending time with her baking cookies, coloring Christmas pictures & she helped us decorate our Christmas trees this past week-end. :)

Darlene B

The things that get me in the Christmas spirit are listening to The Messiah by Handel while I'm making gifts for friends and family (which I should have started a long time ago...)

Love your blog!

Annette Schultz

There are a few things that help to get me in the Christmas spirit, snow... walking through it and kids playing in it, the tunes on the radio, chatting with people as they get their packages off in the mail,and making gifts for family and friends( I start early as time always runs out)
Merry Christmas and all the best for a Happy new Year from Canada


I hope it's not too late to be in the drawing, it's still the 15th here. What gets me in the spirit is putting up the tree and the nativity, and getting out the cinnamon apple candles. they smell divine!


We have SNOW so that really helps get into the Christmas spirit!!! Recently had surgery so not ready yet, but hopefully soon!!! Merry Christmas to all!!


Christmas spirit comes to our house the day after Thanksgiving. We always hunt up the christmas music radio stations!!


Christmas spirit comes to our house the day after Thanksgiving. When always hunt up the christmas music radio stations!!


My husband's family is German and they celebrate by having Advent every Sunday in December and culminate with one big Advent on Christmas Eve where the kids dress up to tell the Christmas story. During Advent we all get together, sing lots of Christmas songs (in English and German), eat lots of yummy food and enjoy each other's company. It's a wonderful Christmas tradition that we all love.

Dee Johnson

Not getting a poinsetta for my birthday on the 6th of Dec. definitely puts me in the mood....smile... Then on the 7th, up goes the tree, decorations - yea. Then wrapping presents and listening to the grandkids speculate that they "know" they are going to get (undies and socks are a staple) but, but, surprise, this is the 1st year they are not getting the expected. I cannot wait. Presents are wrapped, gifts are made, now onto cookies. Merry Christmas to all. Dee

Kay Coop

To get in the Christmas Spirit, I start making gifts for my friends and family. That is what the Spirit of Christmas is to me. Giving something made especially for the receipient. I love it!!!!

Carrie P.

Christmas music definitly puts me in the Christmas spirit and watching White Christmas.


I bring out my favorite Christmas movies --- White Christmas, The Bishop's Wife, Miracle on 34th Street, I love them all. I usually end up watching White Christmas about a dozen times between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. When I was a little girl, my sister and I both had white fur muffs like the ones that Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen wore in the last scene in the movie.

Anya T

Making a gingerbread house and getting snow on the ground gets me in the spirit.


What puts me in the Christmas spirit starts the week of Thanksgiving....the radio station playing Christmas music all day long! I also enjoy going to Michigan to see my Grandma and odds are, it will be a white Christmas.


I get in the Christmas spirit by talking with my grandkids and hearing the wonder in their voices. I love hearing their christmas wishes!


I get in the Christmas spirit by talking with my grandkids. I love to hear their Christmas lists and hear the wonder in their voices!

Lynn Taylor

I get in the christmas spirit the moment we decorate our christmas tree. We put on the christmas music and the kids hang their favorite handmade ornaments. I also love love love the smell of fresh baking throughout the house so thank you for the receipe, I am sure it will make my home smell great!


Bonnie Harrell

I get into the Christmas spirit after it turns chilly outside and Christmas carols are playing everywhere. I start making holiday cookies, decorating the house, purchasing gifts, and wondering if I will ever get everything done. Magically, it does and I enjoy every minute of it. Merry Christmas everyone!


christmas starts for me when I go to the grandkids school christmas concert. They are so magical and innocent. Merry Christmas to everyone. Pat. G.


Putting up the tree and bringing out the old ornaments that each have memories of Christmas's past. Playing Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and others singing timeless Christmas songs. Looking outside to see the trees covered in snow and remembering all the snow angels we made as children. Seeing the look of wonder on childrens faces as they see Santa Claus at the mall. Salvation Army workers ringing bells outside the stores and wishing them a Merry Christmas as I add to their buckets. Peace on earth, goodwill toward men. Merry Christmas!


What gets me in the Christmas spirit is singing Christmas carols at church, being with family, and looking at catalogs with my two grandsons, while they make list after list, after list. Also, they always look forward to their new ornament each year. Since they were born I get them a flat ornament that I can write on the back of and I put on there what they are interested in that year, funny things they do, what they are wanting for Christmas, etc. Then they look at and read all of their older ornaments on the tree. They're like a little Christmas diary and one that I will pass on to them when they are grown and have their own tree. One year the youngest only wanted bubble gum and candy for Christmas. Ahhhhh, those days are so special. Have a great Christmas everyone!


Amy Grant Christmas cds, Department 56 houses, a cinnamon candle and a roaring fire sets off my Christmas rumble. A lightly falling snow doesn't hurt either!

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