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Friday, February 20, 2009


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OK, here's my post with my blocks http://melsownplace.blogspot.com/2009/02/op.html I am having a ball!


These blocks are so cute....I have been looking forward to the retreat this weekend!
Great Idea

Mommy of two little blessings

Thank you. I like the one with the nutral color in the middle better than the little polkadots, personally. I am working on a quilt for my son (little at a time) and hope to use some of your helpful and creative ideas to make it special for him. He really likes Lightning McQueen so I will be susing the colors in that but digging in my STASH (which is A LOT). *smile* Thank you for holding such a fun thing in this rhelm. *smile* Blessings.-me-(Mommy of two little blessings)


Hi Pat! I've finished my little OP quilt! And it is little ~ I made the blocks a little smaller. Nine blocks, some sashing and I have a very cute little whatever. Hope you're having fun!


By the way, don't be surprised if anyone asks to see your tattoo. :)


Okay, Okay, I can't stand it any longer, I'm going to have to get into my sewing PJ's, go dig for something that can pass as orange and make a few of these blocks this weekend. I've always wanted to go to a retreat and I love this pattern, easy but interesting. Lord...I can hear my have bound quilt groaning already, along with my hubby. I PROMISE I will finish binding it as soon as this retreat if over. I'm gonna be way behind but what the heck, it's all for the fun of quilting...Right? Right!!!


Betty, you make as many blocks as you want to make. The idea is to play around with the colors you've chosen. Pat, I love this block -- it's just complex enough to be interesting, but still simple enough to be quick to sew up! I have some around-the-house stuff to do today, so may not get to play until either this evening or tomorrow. But I'm definitely going to play! I have fabrics pulled, and may pull more. I think this may be another fun quilt for our guild's charity project, the twin quilts for the Haitian orphanage -- what a fun and happy quilt it will be. Happy retreating, everyone! I'll post a photo of my fabrics later, and of blocks when I get them done. Yes, I broke down and replaced my camera. Now, of course, the other one will come out of hiding ;-)

Betty J

How many blocks are we supposed to make???

Vickie in Cleveland

Cool block, Pat! Real easy, I like that! I have to go to work soon. I hope to play more tomorrow!

Pat Sloan

love seeing your fabrics!!!! I posted where the Yahoo folder is .. to the yahoo group... check there!


I love this block and seeing the colors everyone has chosen. I am headed for my sewing room next to get started - thanks to everyone for the inspiration.


How exciting, Pat! Can't wait to get started on my first virtual retreat... as soon as all the drudgery is done for the day. It's been fascinating seeing the blocks of those who have posted so far... great job, gals!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I can't find the OP folder on the Yahoo Group. Can someone tell me where it is? Is it a photo album or file or what?

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Whoopee! This is a fun block. Go to my blog at www.blackberrycreek.typepad.com to see my first constructed block.

Sarah Vee

2 blocks done and posted on the yahoo group. really like the 'trick on the eye' movement with blocks beside each other. babe is awake again so we'll see what i can get done next. eating carrots in Espanola...


I love this block! Easy, but looks complicated - I do like to impress my non-quilting friends.


I reduced the pattern due to small amounts of orange in my stash. It worked out well and sewed up in no time.


I wish I were not at work today but it does pay for the gabric. I am looking forward to doing these blocks.


Alright, I've started cutting! I have posted some pictures on my blog to start the day. www.springwaterdesigns.blogspot.com
I think I want to make at least a throw size quilt. I'm looking forward to my first virtual retreat!

pat sloan

these blocks make up SO QUICKLY and are LARGE so you can get a lap quilt in no time at all... I'm going to bed quilt... thinkin BIG!


Darn that work! It really gets in the way of my fun! But I'll work on it tonight when I get home! Woo Hoo! Can't wait


Now that I see this block, I am thinking table topper AND maybe even changing my "buddy" colors...was going for loud and now I'm going to tone it down a bit. LOL I have to be out and about mostly all day on Sunday and part of the day tomorrow, so I guess table topper is a more realistic idea for me. I incorporated a link to this in my post on my blog today. Sounds like we will have another fun virtual retreat. Thanks, Pat...I know you have LOTS to do but you still remember all of us and do fun things for us! You are a sweetie.


I like it! I think this is going to be sooo fun! (Of course, I'm headed on a 2-hr trip in an hour but can't wait to get started when I return!) Thanks, Pat!

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