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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


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Mary Helmke USA

I think these are the coolest rulers...I aways have problems with the old ones.I'd love to have these. Thanks for the chance to win


What a great idea! The rules sound wonderful!

Joni M.

Thanks for hosting this Pat, it has been a lot of fun!

Samantha D.

Wow, those rulers are awesome!!! A quilter's best friend for sure.

Rita Frantz

Would love to win the rulers.Wow

Betsy Lynn

This has been a great blog hop. So many great stories.
Would love to win your rulers!
Thanks for the chance!

Yvonne Benson

Hope I am not too late as it is still being advertised to do the blog hop. I can't believe that lately I have had had one ruler after another chip and thus be inaccurate. I need to replace 3 of my rulers now. I would just love a matching set so all measurements were the same. Please help me! Your rulers are so grand as well!


Love those rulers!

Shawntel Parker

I cannot wait to get my hands on one of these rulers, Pat. I've been hearing about them for MONTHS! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Wow - great ideas!


this sounds great!
i realy need rulers- i have non!


Rulers with a sharpening blade? Genious idea!! Thanks for the chance to win!

Amy Roth

I don't think I've commented on Pat's blog yet for the ruler giveaway! So, here goes. Thank you, Pat, for hosting the blog hop and generously donating a set of the new rulers. I know I wouldn't be a quilter if I had to do everything with templates and scissors!


These sound great, thanks for a great chance!

Shirley Swenson

The rulers sound intriguing. I'd love to win them and give them a try.


Wow a double blog hop, glad I came back to read more. I really could use those square ones!


i need those rulers! they look so great. thanks! :)

Liz A.

Can't wait to try out these rulers. I just love checking out all the other blogs and stories. Sew much creativity!


Blog hop, what fun.


I would love to win the set are you kidding??? Very cool design, love it and can't wait to try them out.


Great hopping blogger! This is terrific. I love quilting and eating so a really wonderful enticement this is :)


I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Kim D.

Thanks for this fun blog hop, I hope I'm still eligible to win those fantastic rulers.


Hopping over to say I NEED these rulers. :)


I've never heard of those rulers before and I think it's fabulous.

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