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Thursday, October 14, 2010


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Leah Holland

This is a great project. I am working my way through a few UFOs this week...

One is done! YEAH... Another is in the machine waiting to be quilted. A third & forth are out on the desk... Must get them done soon. But progress is being made.

Barbara Jones

I'm slowly trying to organize my UFOs - you can see my progress on my blog: http://wvheavenlyhome.blogspot.com/2010/10/ufos.html

Thanks for the shove in the right direction! ;)

Jan Harmon

Okay, I counted them up and I have 37 UFO's. I found two sets of blocks that I would be willing to part with, BUT then my dog friend suggested I finish them off into a dog bed for my dear border collie, Buster. Now I am going to keep EVERYTHING!
--jan harmon in southern california

Mary Ellen

Okay I'm making my list Good thing the quilt guild had a ufo challenge so I got 10 done Yes thats right ten. Anyway my list will be done tomorrow Where do we post it?

Lady Rags


NO WAY IN "HECK" am I going to get my UFO out of the basement. I just got them down there, stacked nice and neatly. I have a list of them in a journal and on my computer and I have been getting out one project whenever I start a new one. I work on them simetaneously till they get done. I do not allow myself to start another new project until the UFO is completed.

This system has been working for me for the past year and I have completed several UFO along with working on project I am currently interested in.

I know there are a couple of UFOs that need to go to charity quilters to finish up... good fabric... but I no longer am interested in completed them but I know a group of ladies who love this kind of donation.

I have decided I am a process quilter more interested in playing then actually having 100s of quilts finished... still work outside the home. ... so more quilting will have to wait until retirement.

Come to think of it my UFOs are my retirement nest egg.

Lady Rags


The way my list looks on what I have to get done my end of month, I can start looking to see what UFO I don't know about!
Thanks for the inspiration
Nancy in IN

Mary Ellen

Okay I'm going to make a list and then try and sort them into categories and of course off to work at 3:30 Think I'll get it done? Positive thinking!! Better go get started

Mary Ann

My oldest UFO is a 15 yr old QIAD log cabin, one of my first quilts. It only needs binding. Its done with high loft batting (what was I thinking?) and lives in a big trash bag taking up lots of room in the sewing room closet.

JoAn godfrey

I like your ideas for weeding out ufo's. will have to spend some time working on mine, but there is a wedding today and don't have the quilt finished yet. ready to layer and tie. that will be next weekend.

Lisa Garner

Pat--will you post a photo of your Primitive Blackbird quilt? I absolutely LOVE blackbirds and would like to see it!

Sherry Redowl

I am part way ahead of the game. I sorted the quilt tops that I have done and ready to quilt (21 of them)in December. I also named my partially finished projects (WIP's) and have 12 of those. I listed them on my blog and have tried to work on getting some off the list each month. I have failed dismally. I think this blog will help me get some things finished. And yes, they can be Christmas presents.....


Actually, for once, I am ahead of the game. I have already gone through my old UFO's, and I have purged what I was no longer interested in finishing. It is very freeing to get rid of it, and not have it hanging over your head any longer. Currently, I have been working on the things that I do want to finish. Getting three tops ready to send to the Long-Arm quilter, and finishing up a few smaller projects that have been sitting on top of my sewing machine table. It may seem a little overwhelming at first, but little by little, things do get done, and you feel like you have accomplished something. So, persevere, and you will see result too.


I have about six quilts that are over ten years old that just need the binding--so horrible--I was a caregiver for years and never got to it....you are right--you do out grow the old quilts....thanks for doing this task with us---if you are a quilter, you just have to face who you have become every few years.....

Shirley in Canada

Well the oldest one I can find was one I did in 1999; got it quilted in 2007...and then total stand-still Again. All that is needed is to bind it, but for the life of me I cannot find the right color of blue! Do you have any idea how many 3/4 metre pieces I have brought home and not be what I'm looking for??? Think I will just do it and get it over with already....sheesh!

Michelle S

I'm going to do this Pat! But is it really okay for me to not count the projects that are just fabric and a pattern put together? I have a LOT of those!


LOL - this is a great project, but beyond me at this time because I have 20 years of quilting to go through to find all the ufos. It would probably take me a month rather and a week to get it done. So I'm going to do this mini style. I'm just going to pick up a box (one of those banker's boxes) and start there.

Thanks for getting us started, Pat!


I have "most" of my UFO's corraled in a drawer, but I know there are some others that need to be dug out. Thanks for the inspiration, and helping us all get rid of those projects that would never get finished! I think I have my work cut out for me :)


My oldest UFO is a patchwork pillow that I cut out and never stitched. It was in a book from the 1980's and long ago, I tucked those pieces into the book and put it back on my book shelf. One day when I'm gone and that book ends up in another quilter's hands, she will chuckle when she sees my UFO inside. LOL!
I have my "projects in progress" in those clear plastic scrapbook holders (12" square with a loop to secure them). Block of the month projects fit perfectly in those things and you can see exactly what project is inside. There are about 15 of them that hold projects in various stages of work. I plan to finish them all ....... someday! When I tire of a project/fabric, I generally pass it on. :-)

Pam in KC

I know what my oldest UFO is. My double wedding ring. I bought the fabric and signed up for the class in Sept 1989. The good news is I finished piecing the top and I am about 1/3 of the way through quilting it. This is my current priority. I've maintained a list of UFOs and Quilt Tops for about 2 1/2 years.

Shirley in Canada

Oh my Gosh!! Do I have my work cut out for me when I get home. Then I read "by next Tues".... HUGE sigh of relief LOL "I think I can, I think I can" Thanks for the shove, Pat :) I know I have empty totes that I can label for the sorting process, so I hope NOT to be creating a huge mess while doing this...but I know many are already in boxes or totes now LOL

Deb Fox-McHugh

Pat-this is awesome. I am emptying my sewing room, so perfect timing! I have lots to go through and I'm sure there are a bunch of things hiding that I have forgotten about.

Brigitte Baierl

thank you Pat for this tipps, they are so helpful. I started to count and organize my UFOs already. At least I finished 2 during the last month. That's at least a beginning. I'll follow your tipps
greetings from Germany

Carole Sullivan

OH TERRIFIC! a swift kick!! that should jump start me! do you really have only six items in group *A*? this is the time of year I really get to finishing things--

Lynda M

This is what my plan was for last Jan. Just didn't know how to start. Thanks Pat, I will get this assignment done by next Tues. I really like the way you have us starting out.

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