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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


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So cute, and I do love the colors!

Roberta Birnbaum

The door hanger is lovely.Your instructions are so clear and I really appreciate you taking the time to offer an alternative to fabric :)


the most beautiful door hanger I have ever seen.


What a fun idea! And one I'm sure your niece will love.


This door hanger is so pretty! what a great idea!

Nancy in IN

Nat would love one on her door as would Amelia, my young grands. I would use a drawing by them. I don't have a colored scanner or printer, so I would use embroidery.
Thanks for idea


Wow Pat! A project where i could use photos, fabric buttons, trims and rubber stamps...and I could add beads, too! I knew I was keeping all this stuff for some reason. ;D


Thanks for sharing your project ideas. Wonderful tutorial too. :)


Thanks for the great idea, congratulations on being a great aunt, I am to two little boys and 1 girl and love it.


What a great idea and wonderful tutorial. I am really starting to think I must get one of those scanners. I have a huge one taking up way too much space and because of its size I had to put it on a shelf way up above my head. :( NOT the most optimal place to encourage use when you have to get up and down to use it.

Thank you Pat.


what a cute Idea... I think they'd make wonderful gifts. And I so love not using the original photos....

Christine Johnson

So sweet! Love it! I think I need to make one... or two...

Kathy S

How CUTE is that !! Love your door hanger. Have a lot of ideas to use the Flip-Pal. What a great portable scanner. With all your creativity I can see you having a ball with it. Thanks for the hanger pattern.
Now if I could just win the Flip-Pal... Thanks, K S

Amy Baldwin

Oh what a sweet piece! Love the hot pinks, and the picture is adorable. Will definitely be a keepsake, treasured for many years to come!


Love it.

CathyC in AB, Canada

Wonderful project. Thinking I should make one for my grandkids to hang on their bedroom door to identify who's room it is!


That is a great project! I'm also a very young great aunt. I keep telling her that her grandmother (my younger sister by 5 years) is much older than me. I've been telling her that for most of her life and she no longer believes her grandmother when she refutes it!

Melissa Langer

hi pat!
oh my gosh!
your project is wonderful!
i cannot wait to make one!
:) melissa

Kathy Peterson Inspired

What a great idea Pat! That door hanger is so dang cute! Thanks for joining me on this blog hop!

Sue B

Congrats Great Auntie Pat! We were just blessed over the week end with another nephew. Making us Great U/A for the 5th time!

Chef Stephanie Petersen

Sweeet! Love the colors. I can see a lot of ideas in my mind already for this one!


What a cute project--any Mom would love it....


Cute project Pat! Congrats Autie!


Very cute project! What a wonderful gift for a mom-to-be!


Hello Great Auntie Pat from another Great Auntie Patti and we are NOT old that's for sure. I said last week in front of my friends daughter that I had finally grown up and Tamira said oh no you haven't. There you go us Pats never grow up and remember YOU ARE NOT OLD!

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