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Thank You Pat. You're my Favorite Quilter,I always go to you if I have any problems. You are Wonderful with Quilting.

Mary Andra

I just used this method two weeks ago for the first time. I loved it. The quilt is for a child with lots of washing expected. Fabulous tutorial. Wish I had it two weeks ago. Thank you Pat. 🌟❤️

Linda Kraft

I have a 20-year old Kenmore sewing machine. I love it and it's been adequate for all my quilting needs. But I don't have the ability to reverse the blanket stitch. Suggestions?

Beverly Reid

I was wondering how it was done because I've only hand sewn mine one. Love when you do videos.


Very nice, I will be trying this with one of your smaller patterns Harvest Moon.

Donna Senters

Tracy chin, the tutorial she has included states 50 wt. I am glad it is the same weight I have 😃

Janel Barthe

Pat, off topic, but still in the quilting you have a tutorial video on getting your bias seams just right when you are joining strips. Have looked at a bunch, but would like to hear your take. Thank you.

Kathleen Percy

I have never used the blanket stitch to do this method of machine binding. I have simply ' top stitched' the binding . Is there a reason you prefer the blanket stitch?


this is a great IDEA when doing mini wall hangings. a Binding that is two and half inches is definitely an OVERKILL PLUS you get a straight edge ( 1/4" pressed )to know when how much to pull over to the front of quilt

Tracy Chin

Hi Pat! What weight thread do you use for machine binding? Thanks so much for your tutorial!

Karen Alexander

Great Tute Pat! I also do almost all my by machine, though I favor double binding on anything that's really gonna get some where, as he oldest utility quilt I made in the late 70s is bursting at the edge due to a single fold! I added the use of Elmer's Washable School glue to hold the binding down. A thin line of glue, hit it with the iron, and your binding stays put for the sewing. No need to push and poke with the stiletto.. or, well pay as much attention! Sometimes I turn to the front, sometimes to the back, but I ALWAY sew on the front side of course.I learned the glue trick from Sharon Schamber many years ago....again, great tutorial for all!

Wanda Long

Hi Pat, Due to arthritis, I've been doing my bindings like this for years now but I always try to keep a little (very little) to the left of the stitching line when sewing the binding to the front--which do leave a bit of a space on the back but like you said 'no big deal'. For people trying it for the first few times, it's like everything else, the more you do, the better you get. But I do want to thank you for the hint about getting the wave out--that is the one thing that I have not liked is that sometimes I do have that wave. Many thanks! For the people who think they need special feet, I sometimes use just a straight stitch, a zigzag or even one of the fancy stitches-just don't have them too close together or it will be too tight and will definitely get the 'wave'. Just ask me how I know? I learn everything the hard way. lol

Laurie Matthews

I would love to see a picture of what the front of the quilt looks like if possible.


I am excited to try your binding technique. My only question is do you have a special tool for the 1/4 inch that you iron over to start? Thanks again.


Just stumbled across your binding tut...Thank YOU! Been using this method for 5 years now on children's and baby quilts, and especially on Veteran's quilts - including Quilts of Valor, since many are subjected to commercial laundering. To date, have had NO issues or complaints!

Thanks for this great tutorial - will be sharing it on my blog, if you don't mind, under what else...'Favorite Tutorials' ;-)

Happy Quilting!

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