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Pat Sloan

table is mostly clear unless it's not!

Sarah in Houston

WOW! I wish I could keep my desk that clean!!! I can straighten it up and it can be a mess in less than 30 min,!! Have a great day!


Very impressed with your organizational tools. I'm starting to at least put projects into bags (clear so I can see what's what). Thanks for the tips.

Sarah in Houston

Pat, I love this quilt. It looks like packages. You are just amazing!


Nice quilt for your book.


The new quilt reminds me of gaily wrapped Christmas presents. :O)

Nancy Stahl

I love the flower quilt on your design wall. I also see how I can be more efficient in my sewing room by having a small ironing table and that fabulous iron right there. Very handy!

Linda P

WOW look what happend overnight! Love it!

Pat Sloan

Mary you need to hit your refresh button or clear your cache. Aol also does really bad blocks you may not be able to see changes for days.

don't go through aol to see the page.... the page changed about 50 times yesterday

Mary Nielsen

ok - am I doing something wrong? The same flower quilt has been up for weeks.

Mary in H. VA

look there was stuff now there isn't! LOl love this!

Sue Cryderman

I think I just saw my profile:D LOL!


bobble head web cam.

Lynne Potter

Hi Pat...from waaaaaaaay over here in PA. My arms getting tired of waving at you now....I think I waved a few pounds off that arm, switching over to left arm now lol. Lynne in PA

Arent bobbles just the neatest thing lol.

Barbara Jordan

Hi Pat, sorry if this is not the proper place to send this message, but Internet Explorer will not let me onto death by quilting website. Help

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