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I want to see this exhibit badly. In what state is the exhibit located?

Sue Watters

Very interesting to find everything in one place.

I was there and you can visit my blog at

thanks for the effort you have put into this.

Tim Latimer

Hi Pat
Great site! Thanks!!
I have a post about the show on my Blog
I could'nt be at the show myself but a good friend sent me pictures and I had to share


You're so lucky Pat! I sure wish I could have been there with you. Thanks for all the links -- a wonderful resource for those of us who couldn't go there!


Beautiful pictures! Thanks for the collection! :-) My mother attended and I blogged about it on my blog here:

Rachel Cochran

I posted "A Red (and White) Letter Day" about the exhibit on my blog
You're welcome to add it to your list.


Pat, so glad you posted about this, and the pictures on your flikr group really are incredible!! Brought tears to my eyes as I thought of all the hands that made these... and such a stunning display. I was awestruck just looking at pictures, I can't imagine how it would have been to actually see this display. I reposted your flikr slideshow on my blog,

Linda Collins

Hi Pat,
l have done a post, and will be doing a few more over the coming days.

Thanks for putting all the links together in 1 easy spot to find.
Linda C.


My wife is a quilter and she planned this whole trip around seeing the show, plus stopping by the Folk Art Museum's other quilt exhibit. We flew out from Minnesota for the weekend. It was amazing! I've been to shows with her before, and while I'm supportive of her hobby, this was truly stunning to see.

She's a quilter who's also a blogger, and she poured her adoration and excitement for the show into a recent post:

Pat, this is a great resource by the way. Thank you for collecting all of these links in one spot!


Such a stunning display! Thanks so much for sharing!


I'm glad I'm NOT the one trying to pick a winner out of all those glorious pictures!!!

Great compilation, Pat! thanks for sharing your talent with us!

Regan Martin

Thanks for putting this list together! I'm working my way through it! Love seeing shots that I didn't take!

I've got 3 posts on my blog with about 60 pics, starting with this one:

regan :o)


I blogged about my visit to the red and white show.

Thanks for putting together all of these links, what a great source!

kate spain

How wonderful of you to do this, Pat!! That show was all the superlatives i can think of squished together in one word. Can't wait for the catalog, and we heard the show is going on hopefully many more people will have a chance to see it. I blogged about it y'day, too:



Thank you for all the links!! Now I can feel like I was at the show too!


I blogged about the Infinite Variety quilt here:

And my Flickr photoset of the exhibit is here:

I'm really glad I decided this exhibit was a good reason to plan a weekend in NY.

Cheryl Lynch

I went to see the exhibit on the last day. It was breathtaking and I just wrote a post at: I love looking at all your links.

Big Rig John

Pat - here is my Flickr page



I did see this on Martha - wow! that you got to see it in person. If you go to my blog -I posted about this a few days ago- there is a link to Seth Apter ( who writes a column for a NYC neighborhood blog- he went to see the quilts too!!!
I was amazed to hear on Martha, how the designers went about creating the whole display. Really wonderful!


That was just awesome. I would have loved to have been there. I wrote a little about it on my blog and linked yours

Sarah Vee

Thank you, Pat. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. This is true quilting love and love of quilting!


What a great idea for a blog!! Thank you Pat. I'm glad to see I am not alone in loving the antique quilts!!

Big Rig Quilting

Pat - here is a link to a YouTube Video I posted.

John Kubiniec

Amanda in KY

I have been in awe ever since I saw this on facebook yesterday. I knew you were there, so I knew you would have more information for us. I have tears rolling down my face as I look at these quilts. They are so amazing. And, I love the way they are displayed. I, too, feel a connection to the quilters before me, and I feel so blessed that I can quilt, too! This makes me want to get my red and white quilt tops that have been waiting to be quilted, out of their drawers I have them stored in, and quilted!

Thank you for your gift to us.

Lee Ann

Pat...thank you so much for putting this all together. It will take me awhile to go thru it all....My mother has a red and white quilt that I hope to own someday. I am not sure who in our family made it. I will have to ask her. Also ask her to take a photo of it and e-mail me. I think I will recreate it! :)

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